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Our Mission: To support our customers by manufacturing and supplying the highest quality, easiest to use stretcher bars available, at a reasonable price.

Product Information

• Description of Our Product Line – Available sizes and lengths [CLICK]

Stretcher Bar Depth

Product Description and Use

1¼ Inch Stretcher Bars -

  • This depth of bar is designed for users who have a 24 inch wide printer; allowing you can print a 20” x 30” canvas and still have enough canvas to wrap around the back for stapling.

  • This is also the easiest depth of bar to put a fancy frame around because the depth is short enough to accommodate most frames.

  • Sold in pre-cut lengths from 8” to 40”

  • Back Brace required if the long side length is 30” or more

1½ Inch Stretcher Bars – our most popular stretcher bar

  • Made from North American Poplar, a hardwood.

  • Sold in pre-cut lengths from 8” to 90”. Lengths longer than 54” will incur a modest UPS over size shipping fee.

  • Back brace required if the long side length is 36” or more. Users of large size canvases, 40” x 60” and up should also purchase 45 degree back braces.

  • Snap Stretch Stretcher Bars have a similiar profile as our normal 1 ½ inch bars, but are made from Basswood. Basswood is a premium “soft” hardwood and is more expensive to produce. Snap Stretch is easy for consumers to staple.

1¾ Inch Stretcher Bars

  • Designed for users who want extra depth, rigidity and wood selected for straightness. Made from North American Poplar.

  • Designed to replace a competing product of the same depth, but much higher quality and professional workmanship.

  • Sold in pre-cut lengths from 8” to 100” These 1 ¾ “ bars are hand selected to be straight and true. They are ideal for long panoramas and extra large prints. Lengths longer than 54” may incur a modest UPS over size shipping fee.

  • Back brace required if the long side length is 36” or more. Users of large size canvases, 40” x 60” and up should also purchase 45 degree back braces.

2 ¼ Inch Stretcher Bars

  • Designed for larger canvases, or for users who just want extra depth from the wall when the image is hung.

  • Sold in pre-cut lengths from 8” to 100” These 2¼" bars are hand selected to be straight and true. They are ideal for long panoramas and extra large prints.

  • Lengths longer than 54” may incur a UPS over size shipping fee.

  • Requires a back brace if the long side length is 36” or more. Users of large size canvases, 40” x 60” and up should also purchase 45 degree back braces.

  • Supplied with 2 corner braces (wedges) per stretcher bar.

  • The double channel is designed to make the stretcher bar lighter, yet retain the strength.

• Product Specifications – a “double double” sided tape design [CLICK]

Our stretcher bars use a “double double” sided tape design. This means that we apply double sided tape on both the side of the stretcher bar but also on the back side. This application of two pieces of double sided tape per bar and our specially designed stretcher bar system relieves the user of the stress of using the old fashioned method of using pliers which requires considerable hand and wrist strength to achieve a good stretch.

Our stretch method requires the user to stick down the four stretcher bars on pre-drawn registration lines on the back side of the canvas. These registration lines allow the user to align the bars with the printed image. The double sided tape holds the sides of the canvas in place while the user tilts up the four (4) sides.

After folding up the sides, the user then peels the liner from the back tpe and adheres the remaining canvas on the back side of the bar. Sticking the canvas on the back holds it in place until the user can install the staples .

After stapling the user must tap in the supplied corner braces and insert the corner screws.

Standardized Design – all of our stretcher bars sizes use the same principles to stretch canvas. The only real difference between the four (4) sizes in the depth of the bars and the number of channels on the inside of the stretcher bars. Our 2¼ inch bars have two (2) inside channels to save weight. What does this mean to you the user of our bars? It's very simple- once you have stretched your first canvas, then you will know how to stretch all four (4) different depths of canvas and you can expand your capabilities of stretching both small and very large canvases.

• Materials– Poplar wood vs. Pine vs. Chinese Fir [CLICK]

Our WrapTech stretcher bars are made from poplar wood a North American hardwood or basswood (SnapStretch). Poplar is sometimes called “white wood” because most of it appears as a creamy white color. Poplar often has beautiful dark brown and purple streaks in the grain. These streaks do not affect its strength or performance. When milled into stretcher bars, poplar in general is heavier than pine or basswood.

Pine is a softwood frequently used in the manufacture of stretcher bars. Unfortunately pine can easily warp and distort a stretched canvas. Most stretcher bars are manufactured from pine or Chinese fir.

Chinese Fir stretcher bars are manufactured in China by of all people – the Chinese. In the course of designing our WrapTech stretcher bars, we purchased stretcher bars from companies who re-sell these bars on their web sites. These bars are often a byproduct of another wood milling process. In other words, the Chinese manufacturers use scrap materials and tree branches to manufacture these bars. The companies who re-sell these bars bring them into their US warehouses and usually need to throw away 30% of the bars in each container due to bars that warp in their warehouse before being sold. If these bars warp while in a warehouse, how much will they warp when their hanging on a wall.

• Our processing methods [CLICK]

We generally purchase our poplar and basswood in very large boards and in quantity. Each board is individually planed flat before it is ripped in to “billets” for processing into stretcher bars. It is during the “ripping process” that we use a technique that mimics the old fashioned “quarter sawing” technique used in the early 1900's to mill lumber that is straight and almost warp free. After the billets are CNC-milled into stretcher bars, we select the very straightest material and hold these aside to be used in our longer stretcher bars over 60 inches. This process also results in very strong stretcher bars because the grain of the wood runs into the “legs” of the bars which virtually eliminates spliting during assembly. The end result of our fairly elaborate processing technique is to produce the very highest quality stretcher bars for the money.

• We cut fractional sizes – how to order. [CLICK]

  1. Determine the actual length of the bar you need. Example: 20¾ inches or 37¼ inches.

  2. Order the size of bars that are the next size up. Example: a 20¾ inch bar will require ordering a 21 inch stretcher bar.

  3. Place your order into the shopping cart and proceed through the checkout process.

  4. When you are ready to complete your checkout and pay for your bars, enter the exact size of the bars you need in the “Customer Note” section of the checkout page. Example: “Please cut my bars to this size 20 ¾” x 37 ¼” - Thank you.

We will see your customer note and process your order with the exact dimensions you specified in the “customer note” for no extra charge. Please ensure that you have provided your current contact information so that we can reach you in case of any questions about your order. Please note that stretcher bars that have been custom cut to your requested fractional size MAY NOT be returned.

• Shipping information. How quickly will I get my order? [CLICK]

  • We ship every dayMonday through Friday until 3:00 pm EST.

  • Cut off time – 1:00pm daily. Any order received by 10 AM EST will be shipped that day. Exceptions to the rule are very large orders, or orders which may require cutting of non standard sizes or orders that require we call you to clarify what you need.

  • Special care for our customers – if you absolutely have to have an order shipped that day and it is after 10:00 AM EST, then you should call us immediately after placing your order on our web site, We will make every effort to process and ship your order and even take it to the UPS depot/warehouse. If you place the order after 10:00 AM EST, the order may ship as late as the following day unless we hear from you via e-mail or by a phone call.

  • Exceptions During periods of high season sales volumes, Stretcher Bar Depot reserves the right to make adjustment to delivery timelines. Please call if you have any questions.

Shipping and delivery times.

  • Our corporate offices and sales offices are in Hartsdale, New York.

  • Our production and shipping is in New York State near Poughkeepsie.

  • All shipments originate from Poughkeepsie, NY via UPS Ground – unless otherwise stated. For shipping time estimates to your location, please refer to the official UPS Ground Outbound Time-In-Transit map below. Bear in mind that UPS Ground Service is NOT guaranteed. Once a shipment is handed off to UPS, delays due to inclement weather or other circumstances are outside the control of Stretcher bar Depot. If your project is on a deadline, allow for a day or two of extra shipping time. If you're really in a pinch, give us a call. We're always happy to try to help find a solution.

• Our $11 Flat Rate Shipping – why you save money. [CLICK]

We will ship you stretcher bars for $11 anywhere in the continental US, any size order. This means that the more you order from us in one single order the larger the shipping discount. For example: If you are in North Dakota and you order approximately $150 your shipping discount would save you approximately an additional $20. If your order is $1800 – 2000 you will save approximately $250 in shipping costs. In other words, on orders over $150 you will save from 10 – 12% of the cost of the order in shipping charges.

• Wholesale discounts [CLICK]

Frequently, customers will call us up and ask for discounts in addition to those provided by our flat rate shipping policy. We can only give you an additional wholesale discount if your order from us in quantity on a regular basis, at least monthly and preferably weekly and in quantity. Call us if you have questions, however before you call, realize that you are already receiving a substantial discount on shipping if you order in larger quantities.

• About Us [CLICK]

In 2009 we began printing canvas in our very small print studio in Hartsdale, New York. We have a 44 inch Epson 9800 and a 17 inch Epson 4800. After printing a few canvases, and showing them to friends and other fellow photographers, several of them asked us to print some of their images and stretch them so they could sell them through local galleries and art fairs. These canvases sold pretty well which created a “good” problem in that we now had to produce high-quality prints on consistent basis and in an economic manner. It became clear that an easy and professional looking way to stretch the canvases had to be found. After trying the “hand stretching” method using pliers and muscle, we thought there must be a better way. Having tried the Hahnemuhle product and finding it to be nifty but short on longevity and very short on professionalism.

With our background in woodworking, we came to the conclusion we could design a stretcher bar system that users can actually be proud of when the end user looks at the back of the finished print.

It took about 1 1/2 years to complete the design and bring it to market in the form you see for sale today. Recently we have expanded the product line to include four depths from the wall, all available on our website.

We think these stretcher bars are the best there is for digitally printed canvas. We are constantly testing our stretcher bars by stretching the canvas we sell to our print customers. Our quality control is simple. We use what we sell, every day.

Please take a look at the PDF publication- “How to Stretch Canvas the Easy Way”. The bulk of this guide book is designed to pass along the information we have learned while stretching over 1,500 canvases in the last few years. We boiled down the info to as few pages as possible, but yet still retain the essential information you need to get the job done for your customers. If you're new to the canvas printing business you will appreciate the detail in some of the sections. If you've been printing canvas for a while, you may find a few things in here that will make your job easier and more profitable.

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